Our Approach

As a food and beverage producer, it is important for ICBP to ensure that we have access to the natural resources needed for our raw materials in the long term.

We recognize that our large scale of operations and wide distribution of products can have a significant impact on, and be impacted by, the environment. At the same time, we understand our responsibility to preserve the environment and its resources for current and future generations. With this in mind, we strive to be responsible and proactive in managing our energy and water resources, reducing waste and emissions, protecting biodiversity, and taking action to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

  • Environmental Policy
  • ICBP’s Environmental Policy aligns with our parent company, Indofood, and commits us to conduct our business in a sustainable manner across our operations. Read More


  • Environmental Management System
  • ICBP aims to implement international standard Environmental Management Systems, specifically ISO 14001. Read More


  • Environmental Assessment by Government
  • In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we participate in the Performance Rating Assessment Program in Environmental Management (PROPER) developed by the Government. Read More


  • Climate Change and GHG Emissions
  • Our Enterprise Risk Management team processes allow us to identify and incorporate climate change risk into our business strategy at ICBP. Read More


  • Energy Management
  • At ICBP, we primarily focus on improving energy efficiency and transitioning to cleaner energy sources. Read More


  • Water Management
  • Ensuring access to clean, safe, and sufficient water resources is crucial for both sustainable development and our business. Read More


  • Waste Management
  • As a major producer of consumer goods in Indonesia, it is important for ICBP to manage waste responsibly in order to minimize negative impacts on the environment and communities and conserve natural resources. Read More


  • Packaging and Plastic Waste Management
  • As a consumer goods producer, ICBP recognizes our role in tackling plastic pollution problem. We strive to reduce waste throughout our value chain from the packaging design and development stage, to our manufacturing processes and post-consumption plastic waste management. Read More


  • Biodiversity
  • ICBP participates in environment preservation and biodiversity efforts through various initiatives such as mangrove and sea turtle conservation. Read More