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Clara Suraya
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CONTACT US - Corporate Secretary :
Gideon A. Putro
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Communication with Shareholders and Investors

As part of good corporate governance practices, the Company maintains timely and open communication with its shareholders. The Company also provides the shareholders or investors with equal access to publicly available information related to the Company.

For an effective communication, the Company's website is updated on a timely and regular basis to provide relevant information about the Company to the shareholders or investors. The Company's website can be accessed through Meanwhile, the Investor Relations Division proactively communicates both the Company's financial performance and other information in a consistent and transparent manner to analysts and investors.

The Company provides Public Disclosures on Material Information or Facts as regulated which are available on the Company’s and Indonesian Stock Exchange’s (“IDX”) website. Press releases on the quarterly and annual financial results and other significant corporate developments are also communicated and accessible through the Company’s and IDX’s website.

The shareholders or investors may also obtain information about the Company through the following means of communication:

General Shareholder Meeting (“GMS”)
GMS is a forum where shareholders can interact with the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company, and can obtain information on issues that are pertinent to the meeting agenda and not conflicting with the interest of the Company. GMS announcements and invitations are published through the Company's and IDX's website. The agenda of the GMS and its explanation, as well as the summary of the minutes of the GMS are published in the Company's and IDX's website.

Financial Results
The Company publishes unaudited quarterly financial results and audited full-year financial reports in the Company’s and IDX’s website.

Annual Report
The Annual Report is submitted annually as the accountability report of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners in carrying out its management and supervisory duties in the Company during one-year period to the GMS. The Annual Report is available on the Company's and IDX’s website, and distributed to shareholders at the Company's Annual GMS.

Public Expose
The Company conducts Public Expose to provide explanation regarding its performance and conditions to the general public.

For further information, shareholders or investors may contact the Company through the contact information stated on the Company's website.