"Introducing a delightful fusion of flavor and fun: our newest product collaboration brings together the irresistible crunch of Choc Rocks Cone and the iconic flavor of Chiki Balls Cheese.

Prepare to embark on a tantalizing taste adventure as these two beloved treats join forces to create a unique snacking experience like no other".

JetZ Makaroni - Spicy Habanero Level 17

JetZ now comes in a new variant, JetZ Makaroni - Spicy Habanero Level 17!

Made from 100% Real Wheat with savory spicy taste of Habanero chillis.

JetZ Makaroni, spiciness that’s ready to hook your tastebuds in every moment with friends!

#JetZtogether #JetZMakaroni

Indomie Goreng Kebuli

Chewy noodles delightfully combined with Middle Eastern spices that are rich in flavours, topped with sweet raisins to complement the luxurious taste of Indomie Goreng Kebuli that delivers us the Middle Eastern experience.

Indomie Goreng Kebuli, rich in flavor, abundantly delightful.

Indomie Rawon Pedas Mercon

Chewy noodles in warm savory beef broth infused with authentic East Javanese Rawon spices and the kluwak nut which gives it it’s savory flavor, topped with a sprinkle of crispy salted egg.

The perfect authentic taste.

Indomie Tori Kara

Rich and savory chicken broth topped with chewy noodles, a dash of umami taste from seaweed flakes and sesame seeds, and a kick of “Japanese-style spice”.

A bowl of truly authentic Japanese spicy ramen.

Chiki Balls Wagyu Beef Steak BBQ

Wagyu Beef Steak BBQ's luxurious flavor fused with Chiki Balls' tender and crunchy texture will indulge your taste buds and leave you craving for more!


Chitato Lite Aburi Seaweed

New! Chitato Lite Aburi Seaweed! Made from selected real potato that is thinly sliced, the flavourful taste of aburi seaweed makes you craving for more! Chitato Lite Aburi Seaweed, Japanese potato chips you can’t find in Japan!

#ChitatoLite #LiteUpYourLife

JetZ Sweet Stick Brown Sugar Caramel

New! JetZ Sweet Stick Brown Sugar Caramel! Offers a novel sensation of a blend of caramel and sweet, crunchy brown sugar to accompany you on all your special moments spent with your loved ones.

#JetZtogether #ArenMomen

Chiki Balls Butter Cookies Flavor

In the midst of this year's festive Ramadan, Chiki Balls also celebrates it by launching Chiki Balls Butter Cookies Flavor.

This product is expected to be a new choice for families when silaturahmi during festive Ramadan and celebrating Eid al-Fitr accompanied by the sweetness of Chiki Balls Butter Cookies Flavour.


Chiki Twist Flaming Hot Flavour

Chiki Twist Flaming Hot Flavour brings new exciting spicy experience that familiarly quivers teens tastebuds but also dazes a tangy feel.

The perfect excitement teens look for to break their routines!


Indomie Premium Collection Japanese Ramen Series

Delight your taste buds with authentic Japanese taste from Indomie Premium Collection: Japanese Ramen Series!

Available in three flavors:

  1. Indomie Ramen Tori Miso: A perfect blend of thick and rich soup, along with tasty seaweed and sesame aroma, brings you the sensation you can't get enough of.
  2. Indomie Ramen Shoyu: A clean, light, savory Shoyu broth with chewy Narutomaki in every bite. Enjoy a soothing flavor like never before.
  3. Indomie Ramen Takoyaki: The creamy, sweet, and savory taste of Japanese Mayo sauce with Katsuobushi on top. It's a feast for the taste buds.


Try them all now! Each flavour is mouth-watering and authentic Monzoku!

*Manzoku: Satisfying


Espessia Es Potong – Durian Musang King

Experience the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia through Espessia Es Potong Durian Musang King! Made with the original Weasel King durian fruit which is sweet, soft, and delicious. Get unforgettable enjoyment on every bite!

Qtela Singkong Rumput Laut

New! Qtela with thin-flat slices delivers crispy sensation in every bite, and Seaweed flavor that makes you can’t stop munching.

Choc Rocks Bar Red Velvet

Enjoy the sensation of soft red velvet ice cream combined with white chocolate wrap and savory bean pieces, Choc Rocks Red Velvet! Get all the enjoyment in one bite.

Indomilk UHT 180ml Korean Black Latte and Korean Pink Blossom

Indomilk UHT Milk 180ml, K-Culture-inspired milk. With two new flavors, Korean Black Latte with Korean latte delicacy and Korean Pink Blossom milk with cherry blossom sensation. #NgertikanRasanya

Indomilk Sterile

New! Indomilk Sterile with Comforting Taste Indomilk presents canned sterilized milk that is suitable for family consumption and accompanying daily activities with pleasure #RasanyaLebihNyaman. Indomilk Sterilized Milk is available in 2 flavors, Plain (Original) with a pleasant taste and Honey (with Natural Honey), which has the suitable sweetness.

Indomie HypeAbis Kebab Rendang

Indomie HypeAbis Kebab Rendang! Mix Asiks!

The combination of two popular flavours Kebab and Rendang! The creaminess of Turkish Kebab mixed with the savoury sensation of Padangnese Rendang with chewy round noodles and topped with Rendang crunch to deliver a new experience.

Espessia Es Potong Chocolate

Now Indofood Ice Cream Espessia Es Potong has a new flavor, “Chocolate”, that made out of fresh milk and real chocolate. Enjoy Espessia Es Potong ice cream’s soft texture and richness of chocolate serve with a bread to taste the delicious exceptional sensations. Perfect for everyone!

Qtela Cassava Chicken Black Pepper

New! Qtela with thin-flat slices that delivers crispy sensation in every bite, and Chicken Black Pepper flavor where you can’t stop munching.


Supermi Nutrimi Fried Noodle Flavor

Enjoy your mi goreng without worry!
The newest variant of Supermi Nutrimi, Mi Goreng flavor offers the best taste and a healthier choice of instant noodle. The green colour of the noodle is made from broccoli, without artificial coloring and is produced without a frying process, so the boiled water is clearer.

The savoury taste of the Mi Goreng is made with mushroom broth without any flavor enhancer. Supermi Nutrimi, get the taste and get the goodness.

Chitato Lite Truffle

New! Chitato Lite Truffle, taste the luxurious feeling of Truffle in every chip Chitato Lite that indulges your five senses.

#ChitatoLite #LiteUpYourLife

Chitato Fried Noodle

New! Chitato Mi Goreng is now back in Indonesia!
Chitato brings back Chitato variant with authentic taste of Mi Goreng, the all-time favourite for Indonesians.

Chitato Mi Goreng is one of the proof that Chitato keeps on innovating as number one potato snack brand in Indonesia.

#Chitato #LifeisNeverFlat

Indomie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit

The savoury taste of aromatic soup, blends with the freshness of iconic South Kalimantan kaffir lime. Complete with indulgent toppings, the flavor of Indomie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit is comfortably delicious.

Indomie Goreng Ayam Pop Flavour! Pop Markopop!

Inspired by the unique flavors of West Sumatra, this variant combines chewy round noodles, various spices, and spicy Ayam Pop sauce.

The flavorful spices is so tempting, making us want to eat more!


New! Tortilla chips MAXICORN comes with intense flavors and full on crunch.

Enjoy MAXICORN tortilla chips and get ready to make some unforgettable memories.



New! Chiki is launching new variant which are Chiki Twist, Chiki Puffs and Chiki Net!

With different shape, flavour and size, guaranteed you’ll get hooked snacking… every time and every where!

Chitato Lite

New! Chitato Lite, made from selected real potatoes thinly sliced, brings a crunchier sensation in every bite.

Available in four flavors that always been here for you, Nori Seaweed, Salmon Teriyaki, Sour Cream Onion, and Beef Barbecue. Lite up every moment of your life with Chitato Lite.

#ChitatoLite #Liteup

Qtela Singkong Keriting Ayam Geprek

New Qtela with crinkle slice that delivers crispy sensation in every bite, and Ayam Geprek flavor where you can’t stop munching.


Promina Pasta Mac & Cheese

Promina Pasta, a special pasta for babies 1 year months old. Creamy, smooth, chewy texture with real cheddar.

Flavors :
Mac & Cheese

Supermi Nutrimi Chicken Steak flavor

Supermi Nutrimi Chicken Steak flavor is a better for me instant noodle. Enjoy the sensation of both the tastiness & the goodness - the tastiness of chicken steak flavor and the goodness of its noodle made with broccoli together with the goodness of its savory mushroom stock; complete with corn and carrot toppings. Supermi Nutrimi. Get Tasty and Good, No Compromise.

Sarimi Puass Fried Chicken Ayam Krispi Flavor

The latest fried noodle innovation from Sarimi, Sarimi Puass now comes with a larger portion than the regular size. The combination between savory fried chicken seasoning that gives more satisfaction and the real extra fried chicken crisps that makes every beat of Sarimi Puas satisfied to the max!

Indomilk Milk Bottle Vanilla Marie

Indomilk milk bottle with vanilla marie flavour, sterilized milk drink source of calcium and phosphor and Vit D, A, and B3,B5 , B6

Indomie Mieghetti Hypeabis rasa Bolognese

There is noodles, there is spaghetti…
This is Mieghetti!

Noodle is thicker and chewy – mysterious. It’s Bolognese seasoning is delicious, added with chili powder that can be adjusted with your own taste.

Such a new unique delicious taste!

JetZ Chocofiesta

New size! JetZ Chocofiesta 20gr! Enjoy more of the sweetness of JetZ Chocofiesta!
Guaranteed, you can eat JetZ longer together with your crush, hihi.
Available in : Outer Java-Bali

Pop Mie Panas Pake Nasi

The newest innovation product from Pop Mie, it's Pop Mie PaNas Pake Nasi. With the real taste of chicken soup and real rice, it is guaranteed to make your days more fun and exciting!

Tiga Sapi Susu Evaporasi

TIGA SAPI Susu Minyak Nabati Evaporasi is milk product in the forms of semi thick liquid which made from milk, vegetable fat and other food ingredients. Tiga Sapi Evaporasi is using box packaging so it is more hygiene and easy to open and close.

Kul Kul Chizz

First Ice Cream with a unique sweet cheese flavor and "trendy". The size of ice cream is quite big, with a unique triangle shape, and also affordable price.

Kul Kul Lolipop Strawberry Leci

Ice cream with a combination of fruity flavour Lychee and Strawberry which is refreshing, with attractive shape and have 3 colours White, Pink, Red in 1 product, and also has affordable price.

Indofood Sweet Soy Sauce

Indofood Sweet Soy Sauce now with new formula! Made with high quality soy bean extract as a result of Moromi fermentation for 120 days, to produce soy sauce with sweet & savory taste, thick texture & appetizing color, to make any dishes taste merrier.

Indomie HypeAbis Seblak Hot Jeletot

Delicious flat noodles, combined with spicy soup, added with sprinkles of red crackers… The Hypeabis flavor is guaranteed Hot Jeletot!

New Indofood Stock Cubes

New Indofood stock cubes made from quality selected chicken & beef, processed & packed in cube format to give more intense & rich broth taste.

Chiki Balls

New Chiki Balls of size 55g and 200g. With a crispy texture and three delicious flavors, Cheese, Chicken and Chocolate.

With a larger size, guaranteed you will not be able to stop chewing! #ChikiKesukaan #KitaSemua

Indomie Real Meat Pepper Chicken

Curly thick noodle with real chicken meat topping, combined with a warm pepper taste in the tempting savoury sauce.

Ready to give reward for yourself, cause you deserve it!

Indomie Real Meat Mushroom Chicken

Curly thick noodle with real chicken meat and mushroom topping, combined with the tempting savoury sauce.

Ready to give reward for yourself, cause you deserve it!

Racik fried rice Sambal Series

New Racik fried rice Sambal Series. Inspired from Indonesian favorite sambal present in 5 variants: sambal ayam geprek, sambal matah, sambal cabe ijo, sambal rica-rica, sambal roa. Equipped with dried vegetables and topping, made nasi goreng sambal with Racik taste hot and delicious.

Espessia Es Potong

Espessia Es Potong is made with fresh milk that have 3 flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla) in one serving size. It is best to consume with bread, it will enlighten your mood, fill your stomach and deliver delightful sensations with every bite.

Indomie HypeAbis Ayam Geprek

Don’t miss out and stay on hype with this HypeAbis flavor, Indomie HypeAbis Ayam Geprek!

The kind of hotness that brings chillies and shallots into the mix with crunchies on top! HypeAbis on so many levels!

The one and only Geprek that legitly makes you lit.


Spicy Pop Mie is now comes in fried variant! Pop Mie Pedes Gledeek addictive sensation, will make your dull and boring days become fun and exciting!

Good To Go

Good To Go INDOMILK is a drink made from fresh milk with the addition of Oat powder, Malt Extract, Wheat Flour, Red Rice Flour, Banana Extract, Strawberry Extract and Cocoa Powder and Avocado Extract and other foodstuffs and sterilized and packaged in a hermetic manner.

Indomie Goreng Aceh


Thicker noodle greased with an extravagantly rich spices.

Along with an extra kick of hotness that kick starts your spirit up!

Indomie Soto Lamongan

Meet the thick savoury soup Lamongan in the new Indomie Soto Lamongan flavor.

With savory koya and authentic chilli sauce that is as Lamongan as it gets.

The signature of indulgence.

Indomie Soto Padang

Prepare yourself for the pampering flavor of Padang.

Topped with sliced toppings and fried shallots for a signature taste of indulgence.

Supermi EXTRA!

Supermi EXTRA Rasa Soto Daging: Instant noodle with Soto Daging thick broth flavor, extra portion, and extra meatballs topping. Best for extra tasty creations

Supermi EXTRA Goreng Rasa Ayam Pangsit: Fried instant chicken flavored noodle with extra portion and extra crispy fried wontons. Extra tasty!

The addictive sensation of Pop Mie Pedes Dower recharges you for a fun moment with friends! The hot and spicy flavour will make you forget the spiciness of life.

Indofood Nutrition & Special Food Division has launched a practical breakfast solution product in 2017, GoWell: a nutritious yet easy-to-serve cereal milk as a practical breakfast for family.
GoWell contains more real wheat grain to give a real fullness. GoWell also comes with more nutrients (ExtraVit) - 11 Vitamins & 5 minerals that help fulfill daily nutritional needs.

GoWell is available in 4 delicious flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Taro, and Mung Bean. GoWell can be served in Hot, Iced, and Ice Blended.

Join our social media to find out more about GoWell, follow @gowellsereal on Instagram & Facebook!


Indomie Goreng Sambal Rica-Rica

“Hu-hu Ha-ha”, the sounds of flaming hotness from Manado.
With tingling hot chili flavor that lingers and allures your taste buds to the bone.

The kind of hotness that heats your spirit up!

Indomie Goreng Sambal Matah

Taste the freshness that makes your tongue skips a beat!
Sliced shallots mixed with chili for invigorating hotness.

Refreshing sensation that lights your spirit up!